Detailed Programme

Detailed Programme by Conference Day


Agenda times are given in local Limassol time (i.e. UTC+3)

Tuesday, 18. June 2024
1. Materials Week 2024 – Welcome & Setting the Scene
09:0009:10Welcome to MaterialsWeek 2024
Philippe Jacques & Steffi Friedrichs
09:1009:20Welcome to Cyprus
Demetris Skourides, Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology, Republic of Cyprus
09:2009:40CHALLENGE: The EU Strategy on Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership
Jürgen Tiedje
09:4010:05Innovative Advanced Materials for Europe (IAM4EU) – A new EU Partnership to strengthen the EU’s strategic cooperation with industry
Philippe Jacques
10:0510:50Panel Discussion: Green Future through Advanced Materials – Redefining Value Chains for environmental and economic Success
Moderator: Steffi Friedrichs
10:5011:10Coffee/Tea Break
2. Market Needs, Challenges & Opportunities for Materials R&I
11:1011:40CHALLENGE: Polymer materials are essential – and so is change
Rolf Albach
11:4011:55SusChem as a Hub to support and monitor challenges and opportunities for sustainable supply chainsStylianos Bikos
11:5512:10An Open-Innovation Platform for knowledge-based management of materials modelling workflows for industrial data
Gerhard Goldbeck
12:1012:25Enhancing Collaboration and Innovation through DIGIPASS CSA and VIPCOAT Open Innovation Platform
Salim Beiouettar
12:2512:40Navigating Challenges and Embracing Innovation: Managing Partnerships and Ecosystems for Circular Materials in the Chemical Industry
Christian Seitz
12:4012:55Are Your R&D Plans Big Enough?
Liza Shvyndzikava
12:5513:0024/7 Poster Presentations
13:0014:30Lunch Break
3. Digital Transformation – Catalysing the Green & Digital Transition for Innovative Advanced Materials and Products
Victoria Petrova
14:5515:05DigiPass: Knowledge Valorisation for Innovative Advanced Materials Design and Development
Natalia Konchakova & Peter Klein
15:0515:10Session / Cooperation/ Collaboration
Natalia Konchakova & Peter Klein
15:1015:20Platform MaterialDigital: Enhancing Scientific Collaboration within the MSE Community
Jörg Schaarschmidt
15:2015:30PEPR DIADEM: Priority Equipment and Research Program on the development of innovative materials using artificial intelligence
Fernando Lomello
15:3015:40IRISS – the International ecosystem for accelerating the transition to Safe-and-Sustainable-by-design materials, products and processes
Emma Strömberg
15:4015:50The use of analytical research infrastructures to support industrial innovation
Ennio Capria
15:5015:55Magnetic Multiscale Modelling Suite
Thomas Schrefl
15:5516:00DECODE: Cloud-connected Labs of Future for Energy Materials
Kourosh Malek
16:0016:05Multiscale Characterisation and Simulation for Hydrogen Embrittlement Assessment: Development of an Open Knowledge Platform to Foster Capability Integration (HyWay)
Napat Vajragupta
16:0516:10SiToLub – Simulation Tools for the design of safe and sustainable Lubricants
Francesco Pagano
16:1016:15CHEMATSUSTAIN: Implementing Innovative Methods for Safety and Sustainability Assessments of Chemicals and Materials Particularly at Nano Level in the European Union
Jelena Barbir
16:1516:20AI-driven multiscale methodology to develop Transparent Wood as sustainable functional material using SSbD
Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen
16:2016:40Coffee/Tea Break
16:4016:45Battery manufacturing digital twin design in view of requirements for the digital product passport
Martin Thomas Horsch
16:4516:50COST Action EuMINe – European Materials Informatics Network
Francesco Mercuri
16:5017:0524/7 Poster Presentations
17:0518:20Round Table / Fishbowl discussion: Materilas Digitalization, Digital Materials & Product Passport
Peter Klein, Franz Pirker, Salim Belouettar, Natalia Konchakova
18:2018:30Collaboration actions/ Close Notes
all projects / participants
18:30Conference Reception & Walking/Networking Dinner (& Poster Viewing)
Posters: Market Needs, Challenges & Opportunities for Materials R&I
Posters: Digital Innovation - Catalysing the Green & Digital Transition for Innovative Advanced Materials and Products

S03_P01 Ensuring regulatory Alignment in the R&I of Innovative Materials
Steffi Friedrichs
S03_P02 CHIASMA – Accessible Innovative Methods for the Safety & Sustainability Assessment of Chemicals & Materials
Tommaso Serchi
S03_P03 INSIGHT – Integrated Models for the Development and Assessment of High Impact Chemicals and Materials
Dario Greco
S03_P04 PINK – computational approaches for industry-ready Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design
Thomas E. Exner
S03_P06 Multidimensional Integrated Quantitative Approach To Assess Safety And Sustainability Of Nanomaterials In Real Case Life Cycle Scenarios Using Nanospecific Impact Categories
Massimo Perucca
S03_P07 SSbD4CheM: Safe and Sustainable by Design framework for the next generation of Chemicals and Materials
Panagiotis D. Kolokathis
S03_P08 An SSbD integrated impact assessment framework for advanced materials developed by SUNRISE
Lisa Pizzol
S03_P09 Development of PFAS-free coatings in a safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) approach- the PROPLANET project
Eleonora Longhin
S03_P10 The interlinked SUNSHINE Trusted Environment and Foresight Framework as a tool for detecting emerging trends in AdMa Innovation
James Baker
S03_P11 Tackling Innovation Challenges in an Industry 5.0 context with an Ontology-based Open Translation Environment
Gerhard Goldbeck
S03_P12 Bridging the Gaps in Nanosafety for Animal-Free Prediction of Adverse Outcomes
Vladimir Lobaskin
S03_P13 Ontology-based Decentralized Sharing of Industry Data in the European Circular Economy
Mikael Lindecrantz
S03_P14 openLCA and OpenSemanticLab – Build a Digital Bridge between Material Science and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Simon Stier

Wednesday, 19. June 2024
Start End Title Presenter
09:00 09:20 CHALLENGE: The Need for International Test Methods for Industry, R&I and Regulation
Anke Jesse
6. Frameworks and Methodologies for Materials Safety & Sustainability
09:20 09:35 PARC roadmap for nanomaterials – exploring how PARC can contribute most usefully
Iseult Lynch
09:35 09:50 NANOMESUREFRANCE: A Single Entry Point for Structuring the Nanomaterials Industry around Comparable and more Reliable Data
Georges Favre
09:50 10:05 Utilizing In vitro cytotoxicity data of advanced material in life cycle assessment and human risk assessment
Peter Wick
10:05 10:20 Making OECD Test Guidelines applicable for Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials – Activities by the Malta Initiative and MACRAMÉ
Elisabeth Heunisch
10:20 10:40 24/7 Poster Presentations
10:40 11:00 Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 11:20 The EC Safe & Sustainable by Design (SSbD) framework: Towards the improvement of its relevance, reliability and operability
Irantzu Garmendia Aguirre
11:20 11:35 Safe and Sustainable by Design Strategies for the H2020 SUNSHINE case studies
Arianna Livieri
11:35 11:50 Decision Support System for SSbD in the early innovation stages
Wouter Fransman
11:50 12:05 Challenges in Predictive Sustainability Assessment of Novel Lubricants following SSbD Principles
Jonas Hoffmann
12:05 12:20 Safe and sustainable by design roadmaps. A glimpse of the ASINA case studies
Furxhi Irini
12:20 12:35 Advances and challenges of Safe-andSustainable-by-Design: The case of high-entropy alloy coatings
Adamantia Kostapanou
12:35 12:50 Towards a nano-specific, quantitative based and human centric-SSbD Approach: Antibacterial nanocoatings case study
Massimo Perucca
12:50 13:00 24/7 Poster Presentations
13:00 14:30 Lunch Break
9. Infrastructure & Methods Requirements for Materials Innovation
14:30 14:45 Role of Sample Preparation for Accurate and Automated Morphological Analysis of Nanoparticles proven in Interlaboratory Comparison Exercises
Vasile-Dan Hodoroaba
14:45 15:00 Chemical Analysis of Functionalized Graphene along the Production Chain
Loay Akmal Madbouly
15:00 15:15 Correlation between size distribution, morphology and chemical analysis of Graphene Family materials
Kerstin Jurkschat
15:15 15:30 SUNSHINE Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) approach and e-infrastructure
Lisa Pizzol
15:30 15:45 Score System for a Multi-criteria Decision Analysis based on the SSbD framework for MCNM/HARN Risk Management – The DIAGONAL Decision Support Tool Case
Blanca Pozuelo Rollón
15:45 16:00 Spectroscopic Approaches for Understanding Graphene Family Material interactions with Enzymes
Bashiru Ibrahim
16:00 16:20 24/7 Poster Presentations
16:20 16:40 Coffee/Tea Break
5. Digital Transformation – Towards a common Materials’ Data Ecosystem
16:40 16:55 Workflow for digital twin creation for secondary aluminium alloy in automotive parts
Eugen Gazenbiller
16:55 17:10 Normalised similarity assessment to inform grouping of advanced multi-component nanomaterials by means of an Asymmetric Sigmoid function
Georgia Tsiliki
17:10 17:25 Domain ontology for sharing data related to sustainable metallurgical and manufacturing industry
Jesper Friis
17:25 17:40 IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI) – the compound identifier that makes molecule recognition FAIR
Gerd Blanke
17:40 17:55 How can we unambiguously refer to materials and their corresponding data?
Thomas E. Exner
17:55 18:10 Database generation workflow for supporting SSbD risk assessments
José Luis Vallés-Pardo
18:10 18:30 24/7 Poster Presentations
18:30 Conference Day End
Posters: Frameworks & Methodologies for Materials Safety & Sustainability


S06_P02 From Science to Regulation – The NanoHarmony White Paper on Test Guideline Development
Eric A.J. Bleeker
S06_P03 Dustiness testing of high aspect ratio nanomaterials and its use for exposure assessment – towards an OECD Test Guideline
Carla Ribalta
S06_P04 Adapting current in vitro ecotoxicity standard methods to allow more realistic and environmentally relevant exposure conditions
Alberto Katsumiti
S06_P05 New approach methodologies (NAMs) for hazard assessment of chemicals and materials at human biological barriers
Beatrice A. Brugger
S06_P06 Testing nanomaterials in complex 3D in vitro lung models
Emma Arnesdotter
S06_P07 An improved ALI exposure chamber for higher deposition efficiency and optimized operations
Pamina Weber
S06_P08 In Vitro Effect Extrapolation for Human Risk Assessment of Advanced materials
Jimeng Wu
S06_P09 Boron nitride nanosheets can trigger lipid-mediated autophagy in lung alveolar epithelial cells
Tina Buerki-Thurnherr
S06_P10 Form-specific prospective environmental risk assessment of graphene-based materials in European Freshwaters
Hyunjoo Hong
S06_P11 Biological reactivity assessment of graphene oxides
Veno Kononenko
S06_P12 Risk management tool
Blanca Maria Pozuelo Rollon
S06_P13 Advancing the development of Safe-and-Sustainably-by-Design toolboxes for advanced materials: similarities between the SUNSHINE Tier 1 SSbD approach and Early4AdMa Tier 2
Lisa Pizzol
S06_P14 Learning from Safe-by-Design for Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design: Mapping the current landscape of Safe-by-Design reviews, case studies, and frameworks
Akshat Sudheshwar
S06_P15 Applying the SSbD framework for the development of bio-based PFAS alternatives for textile and packaging sectors – The ZeroF case study
Panagiotis Isigonis
S06_P16 Respiratory deposition estimates of airborne perand poly-fluoroalkyl acids (PFAS) powered by Enalos Cloud Platform
Dimitris G. Mintis
S06_P17 Investigating the influence of nanomaterials metal composite ratios on the toxicity and intracellular uptake in epithelial cell lines
Kailen Boodhia
S06_P18 Establishing the methodological basis for environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts assessment- The SUNRISE approach
Alberto Katsumiti
S06_P19 Implementation of Safe-by-Design (SbD) and Safer and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) within the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Risk Research Platform in South Africa
Mary Gulumian
S06_P20 ChemPharos: a comprehensive database of plastic-degrading enzymes, powered by Enalos Tools
Constantinos Papavasiliou
S06_P21 Integrated computational methods for the development of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design Innovative Advanced Materials: the case of surface modified nanophotocatalyst
Tomasz Puzyn

Thursday, 20. June 2024
Start End Title Presenter
4. Digital Transformation – Computational Tools & Platforms for Materials R&I Acceleration
09:00 09:30 CHALLENGE: Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future through Digital Technologies
Mark Kozdras
09:30 09:45 Harnessing the power of automation and machine learning with a modular material acceleration platform – an illustrating example
Simon Stier
09:45 10:00 Advancing Material and Chemical Development through Innovative Computational Modelling in the PINK Project
Haralambos Sarimveis
10:00 10:15 Experimental synthesis of safer nanomaterials through computational modelling and design
Richard Harris
10:15 10:30 First Principles In Silico Characterisation of Advanced Materials and Bio-Nano Interface
Vladimir Lobaskin
10:30 10:45 Advancing Materials Development through Multiscale Modelling and Data-Driven approaches in the Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework
Andrea Lorenzoni
10:45 11:05 Coffee/Tea Break
7. Sustainability & Circularity driven by Advanced Materials
11:10 11:30 Sustainability & Circularity driven by 2D-materials
Sofia Öiseth
11:30 11:45 Circularity of MAX phases: from worn parts and broken samples to 2D functional materials
Grzegorz Kubicki
11:45 12:00 The Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework applied to Graphene-based Materials
Fiorella Pitaro
12:00 12:15 The reproducibility of green synthesized nanomaterials: a study comparing the antimicrobial effectiveness of green-produced ZnO vs. fossil-based particles
Benjamin Punz
12:15 12:30 Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design for Advanced Materials – A case study on the agricultural use of imogolites
Veronique Adam
12:30 12:45 Sustainable value chains in an emergent context: The case of BIO-SUSHY coatings
Jesse de Pagter
12:45 13:00 24/7 Poster Presentations
13:00 14:30 Lunch Break
8. Materials Innovation for Resilience
14:30 14:45 Safe by design assessment of a multi-component nanomaterial as anti-pest in food packaging
Andrea Brunelli
14:45 15:00 Approaches to Accelerating Materials Discovery: International Ecosystem Building
Anjuli Szawiola
15:00 15:15 Accelerating the development of new battery materials
Maha Ismail
15:15 15:30 Material Acceleration Platforms (MAPs), Standards and Workflows for reference data
Bastian Rühle
15:30 15:40 24/7 Poster Presentations
15:40 16:00 Coffee/Tea Break
10. MaterialsWeek Closing- & Awards-Ceremony
16:00 16:05 Conference Summary and Look into the Future
Steffi Friedrichs
16:05 16:15 Poster Presentation Award 1 & 2
Gupta Udatha
16:15 16:25 Oral Presentation Award 1 & 2
Gupta Udatha
16:25 16:30 FAIR Competition Award
Iseult Lynch
16:30 16:40 Closing Remarks
Steffi Friedrichs
16:40 End of Conference